Hydrodynamic DNA shearing instrument - Megaruptor 2

Simple, automated, and highly reproducible device for the fragmentation of DNA from 3 kb to 75 kb.

The Megaruptor® provides researchers with a simple, automated, and highly reproducible device for the fragmentation of DNA from 3 kb – 75 kb.* Long reads are key for the de novo sequencing, the detection of structural variant and single molecule sequencing. Shearing performance is independent of the source, concentration, temperature, or salt content of a DNA sample. With user-friendly software, process two samples sequentially without additional user input and without cross-contamination. The operator sets the desired parameters and the automated Megaruptor takes care of the rest. The hydropore consumables eliminate clogging issues, prevent cross-contamination and ensure the most dense size distribution.

Key application notes and publications

Technical specifications

Shearing DNA shearing 3 kb - 75 kb
(2 - 9 kb Hydropore Short and 10 - 75 kb Hydropore Long)
Throughput 2 samples (process in series)
Volumes 50 - 400 µl (hydrotubes)
Recommended: 200 µl
Unit dimensions 20 [W] x 23 [D] x 39.5 [H] cm
7.9 [W] x 9.1 [D] x 15.6 [H] in
Weight 8.2 kg (18.1 lb)


Catalogue number Description
DIAG-E04010001 Megaruptor syringe 1000 µL
DIAG-C30010018 Megaruptor hydrotubes – 50 pc
DIAG-E07010001 Hydropore – short (3-9 kb) – 10 pc
DIAG-E07010002 Hydropore – long (10-75 kb) – 10 pc

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* LGC’s distribution agreement includes EMEA, South America and Canada for all market sectors and the United States for the agricultural biotechnology sector.