PCR Master mix

We provide high-performance PCR mastermixes optimized for use with our assays and probes, as well as for general and end-point PCR applications.

KASP Master mix

Order KASP Master independently or in conjunction with your KASP assay. Purchase the optimal version KASP Master mix for your qPCR machine.

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KlearKall Master mix

KlearKall Master mix contains KlearTaqâ„¢ DNA polymerase in a highly optimised reaction buffer, along with dNTPs required to perform general & end point PCR reactions.

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BHQ probe master mix

For high-precision genotyping, pair BHQ Probe Master Mix with BHQ, BHQplex or BHQplus probes for a high-fidelity, low background SNP genotyping assay that yields clear results minus the challenges associated with ambiguous data interpretation.

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