Controlled Pore Glass

We produce Controlled Pore Glass (CPG) with a high surface area potential, as well as chemically activated porous glass used in oligonucleotide synthesis and chromatography applications. For DNA synthesis, the porous silica is derivatized with a nucleoside base (ACGT) or a non-nucleosidic compound (modification), on which solid phase synthesis can occur. CPG is used as the foundation for oligonucleotide synthesis due to the robust nature of CPG, allowing it to withstand a harsh chemical environment, while maintaining its desirable properties. Base modified CPG supports come in a variety of pore sizes 500Å; 1000Å; 1400Å, and 2000Å. Unmodified aminopropylated CPG support is also available in 300Å, 500Å, 1000Å, 1400Å, 2000Å and 3000Å.

For DNA and RNA synthesis we supply 3’ solid-phase CPG supports optimized for DNA and RNA synthesis in bulk or in pre-packed columns.

Standard columns: manufactured for use on DNA synthesizers that use luer-to-luer columns.

Supercolumns™: have an upper pipette fitting and a lower luer fitting.

These columns are designed for use on a variety of commercially available free platform DNA synthesizers. Standard and Supercolumns are available with any of our CPGs for 50, 200nmol and 1umol synthesis.

For column type recommendations for your instrument, please refer to our DNA Synthesis Column Selection Guide.

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