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The 3'-Thiol-Modifier C6 SS CPG support incorporates a thiol group with a six atom spacer on the 3’ terminus of an oligonucleotide. After cleavage and deprotection, the disulfide linkage can be reduced with DTT to generate a 3’thiol modified oligonucleotide.


  • Formula:


  • Molecular Weight:


  • Appearance:

    white powder

Product usage:

  • Deprotection conditions:

    Deprotect the oligo in NH4OH for 2 hours at 65°C if using fast deprotecting amidites or 5 hours at 65°C if using standard amidites. This will remove only the base protecting groups.

  • To reduce the disulfide linkage and generate a 3'thiol modified oligo, dry down sample then add 100mM DTT in water. Heat sample for 2 hours, dry the sample down and reconstitute in water. The reduction of the disulfide linkage should be done before the immediate use of the thiol labeled probe to avoid oxidative disulfide formation. To remove the DTT and other side byproducts the oligo can be loaded on to a reverse phase cartridge for desalting. To remove completely DTT include a 5 mL rinse of 5% acetonitrile in 0.1N TEAA before eluting desired oligo in 20% acetonitrile.
    Image of cleaved and deprotected structure:

  • The mass this product adds after conjugation and work-up (the additional mass seen by mass spectrometry) is:


Storage and handling:

  • Shipping conditions:


  • Storage conditions:

    -15 to -30 °C


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