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5'-DMT-G(PAC)-Suc-RNA CPG is used for the placement of G on the 3' end of oligoribonucleotides. This support has a 2’ acetyl protecting group which is easily cleaved during deprotection. The 500 Å CPG is best suited for the synthesis of RNA sequences up to 50-mers in length. The use of this 5’-DMT protected RNA support is identical to a DNA support with the same protection groups.


  • Chemical Name:

    5'-DMT-G(PAC)-Suc-CPG; 500 Å (RNA)

  • Appearance:

    White Powder

Product usage:

  • Synthesis conditions:

    Follow the instrument manufacturer's protocol when using this product. If using PAC protected supports or reagents we recommend using phenoxyacetic anhydride or t.butyl phenoacetal acid anhydride(FAST deprotecting capping) as the CAP A reagent. Standard acetic anhydride (CAP A) can cause acetylation of the PAC protected primary amines during synthesis.

  • Cleavage conditions:

    Use concentrated ammonia for 90 minutes at 25 °C when using standard amidites or 1:1 ammonia:methylamine (AMA) for 25 minutes at 25 °C when using fast deprotecting amidites. We do not recommend using AMA to cleave or deprotect sequences that contain uridine. The AMA may degrade the uridine nucleobase.

  • Deprotection conditions:

    When using fast deprotecting amidites (eg. C-Ac, G-DMF) use concentrated ammonia for 1 hour or AMA for 30 minutes at 60 °C. When using standard amidites (eg. C-Bz, G-iBu) use concentrated ammonia for 5 hours at 60 °C.

  • The mass this product adds after conjugation and work-up (the additional mass seen by mass spectrometry) is:


Storage and handling:

  • Shipping conditions:


  • Storage conditions:

    -15 to -30 °C


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