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DMT-Phosphate (Sulfonyldiethanol) CPG allows for the preparation of oligonucleotides containing a 3' Phosphate group using standard synthesis protocols. After removal of the DMT group from the support and coupling of a phosphoramidite, subsequent cleavage from the support yields a 3' phosphate group. The 500 Å pore size is best suited for the synthesis of DNA sequences up to 50-mers in length.


  • Chemical Name:

    DMT-Phosphate-CPG (O-DMT-2,2'-sulfonyldiethanol-Suc-CPG); 500 Å

  • Appearance:

    white powder

Product usage:

  • Cleavage conditions:

    Use concentrated ammonia for 90 minutes at 25 °C when using standard amidites or 1:1 ammonia:methylamine (AMA) for 25 minutes at 25 °C when using fast deprotecting amidites.

  • Deprotection conditions:

    When using fast deprotecting amidites (eg. C-Ac, G-DMF, G-PAC) use concentrated ammonia for 1 hour or AMA for 30 minutes at 60 °C. When using standard amidites (eg. C-Bz, G-iBu) use concentrated ammonia for 5 hours at 60 °C.

  • Image of cleaved and deprotected structure:

  • The mass this product adds after conjugation and work-up (the additional mass seen by mass spectrometry) is:


Storage and handling:

  • Shipping conditions:


  • Storage conditions:

    -15 to -30 °C


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