Related resources

Related resources

Guidance notes: SeqSNP service guidance notes

Species list: Plant species list for service projects

Poster: SeqSNP: A massively parallel marker screening approach – high-speed and high-throughput genomic selection for plants and livestock

White paper: SeqSNP tGBS as alternative for array genotyping in routine breeding programs

Publication: Genomic prediction unifies animal and plant breeding programs to form platforms for biological discovery

Comprehensive sample submission guide: Tables summarizing DNA or sample submission and related forms

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Kits for in-house use

Library preparation kits for in-house use are also available.

Kits includes all reagents, buffers, enzymes, adaptors and oligos necessary for DNA fragmentation, multiplex adaptor ligation, probe annealing and extension and PCR amplification of final library.

Please enquire for more information or use the quote request form.