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Quasar 705 Amidite

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Quasar® 705 is an indocarbocyanine which fluoresces in the red region of the visible spectrum and is a direct replacement for Cy™5.5 dye. Quasar 705 amidite is used for the 5' labeling of fluorogenic probes used in 5' nuclease assays, Molecular Beacons, Scorpion® primers, and other detection assays. This amidite does not contain a DMT protecting group and can only be added to the 5' terminus of the oligo. BHQ®-2 dye will quench the Quasar 705 moiety.

  BNS-5067-50 $155.00 50 µmol  
  BNS-5067-100 $305.00 100 µmol  
  BNS-5067-250 $800.00 250 mg  
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