Biosearch Technologies Announces Acquisition of European Companies DNA Technology and VitraBio

NOVATO, CA, (THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2013) – Biosearch Technologies, Inc. (Biosearch), a leading supplier of sophisticated, custom-manufactured oligonucleotides and specialty amidites and CPGs to the research and diagnostics markets, announced today that it has acquired the oligonucleotide manufacturing division of the Danish company DNA Technology A/S (DNA Technology) and German CPG manufacturer VitraBio GmbH (VitraBio).

With the acquisition of DNA Technology, Biosearch has added a highly skilled production team with a mature quality system and an established European customer base focused in the Nordic countries. DNA Technology specializes in production of modified oligos, and will benefit from full access to the breadth of specialty modifications produced by Biosearch. In addition, Biosearch will provide state-of-the-art manufacturing tools and access to its substantial IP portfolio enabling DNA Technology to expand production capabilities and product offerings in order to better serve an expanding customer base.

With the acquisition of German controlled-pore glass (CPG) manufacturer VitraBio in September 2011, Biosearch gains control over VitraBio’s sophisticated CPG manufacturing technology and unique production facility, which expands its already extensive repertoire of oligo synthesis tools and processes. In addition to continuing production of DNA/RNA synthesis supports for the research and therapeutic oligo markets, Biosearch intends to bring chemical manufacturing capabilities to VitraBio’s Steinach facility to supplement existing US production of specialty amidites and modified CPGs.

The acquisition of DNA Technology and VitraBio marks Biosearch’s increasing commitment to support European biotechnology and diagnostic markets. Furthermore, Biosearch has secured important manufacturing redundancy for its North American operations as well as a strong base from which to grow sales, production and regulated contract manufacturing capabilities throughout Europe.

About DNA Technology A/S

Established in Aarhus, Denmark in 1992, DNA Technology A/S (DNA Technology) is a leading provider of custom-manufactured synthetic oligonucleotides in the Nordic countries. A primary focus of the company is the production of highly-modified synthetic DNA and RNA to serve life science research and healthcare markets. The company is currently ISO 9001:2008 certified, and first certified to the ISO 9002 standard in 1997. DNA Technology moved in 2007 to a newly renovated facility in Risskov, a suburban district of the city of Aarhus.

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About VitraBio GmbH

Founded in 2003 and based in Steinach (Thüringia), Germany, VitraBio GmbH (VitraBio) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is one of the few who possess the know-how, expertise and IP portfolio to manufacture highly specialized controlled-pore glass (CPG) routinely used as a support in solid-phase oligonucleotide synthesis. The manufacturing plant, renovated in 1995 by Schuller GmbH Wertheim, is ideally suited for large-scale manufacturing of CPGs and phosphoramidites and provides ample space for continued expansion of production activities.

Prior to consolidation in 2011, VitraBio worked closely with Biosearch Technologies for more than 10 years to achieve optimal specifications for Controlled Pore Glass as well as manufacturing processes to allow cost effective production and consistent lot-to-lot quality.

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About Biosearch Technologies, Inc.

Biosearch Technologies, Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001:2008 certified company, located in northern California. Founded in 1993, Biosearch is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of sophisticated oligonucleotide-based tools. Products include fluorophores (CAL Fluor®, Quasar® and Pulsar® dyes) and dark quenchers (Black Hole Quencher® dyes) to be included in custom-synthesized probe formats for real-time, quantitative PCR, Stellaris® RNA FISH, and other genomic-based applications.

In addition to products targeting basic R&D applications, Biosearch now leverages its demonstrated expertise in manufacturing fully assembled Research Use Only (RUO) products to custom manufacture cGMP-compliant oligonucleotide components and finished kits for medical device manufacturers selling into regulated markets. Biosearch Technologies is registered with the FDA (registration number 300300905), and licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health (license number 55563) as a medical device manufacturer. As such, its GMP and Commercial Services manufacturing processes conform to all applicable cGMP requirements per 21 CFR Part 820. Biosearch’s markets include pharmaceutical, in vitro diagnostic, biotechnology, ag/bio, environmental and food testing, public health, and biodefense sectors.

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