Technical specifications

Technical specifications

For a more detailed review of the quality, robustness and performance of the Amp-Seq method please download the application note or start your custom evaluation.

Amp-Seq is a proprietary, multiplex-PCR based amplicon sequencing technology. The below specifications are applicable to the default Amp-Seq workflow. Customisation of the workflow is optional.

  Feature Specifications
Protocol Default protocol Fast 2-stage protocol + pooling and clean-up
BioIT Targeting oligo library design Available as Biosearch Technologies service, default turnaround time 4-6 weeks
Optimised oligo library density Amp-Seq has been validated with up to 5,000 markers
Data analysis pipeline BiosearchCaller data analysis pipeline available for on-premises installation and setup
Variants in flanking sequence Compatible with de-novo variant discovery
Typical sequencing depth Dependent on species and targeting oligo panel
Marker type compatibility Dependent on species and targeting oligo panel
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and for short (≤10 bp) insertions and deletions (indels), please enquire for options for longer indels and other marker types panel
Reagents Core reagent system 3 component system, pre-mixing enables just 2 dispensing steps
Reagent system 'kit' sizes 384 and 3,840 (and multiples of those)
Reagent system stability Minimum 1 year shelf life at -20 °C
Indexing system Conveniently plated combinatorial dual indexing (CDI) system for up to 9,216 samples per lane
Bead re-use reagents Compatible and included by default
DNA Input DNA quantity Typically, 5-10 ng (dependent on genome size and primer pool QC)
HotShot (NaOH) compatibility* Compatible but not included by default
Equipment Thermal cycler compatibility Compatibility data available for Hydrocycler™ and Soellex™, compatibility testing on other platforms through co-development
Sequencer compatibility Illumina (other platforms through co-development and customisation)
Liquid handler compatibility Biomek i7 compatible, compatibility testing on other platforms optional

* Tested for compatibility on a limited number of species and SNP panels, collaborative pilot testing (see ordering information) will deliver genome and panel specific performance

Key features for the Amp-Seq targeted genotyping by sequencing workflow. Note that the workflow is customisable to your needs.