Choosing a molecular diagnostic supplier

How do you minimise the time it takes to get your product to market?

One aspect that's often overlooked is how product design and the critical components that make up your assay will scale for manufacturing.

Companies can avoid many of the common woes associated with scale-up by choosing a raw materials supplier that has experience helping companies navigate the complicated road to commercialisation. When done right, it can spare you the hassle of having to trial new components in the late stages of product design, redesign your assay, or identify and onboard a new supplier during the hectic process of manufacturing.

In this guide, we provide a streamlined approach to choosing an experienced and trustworthy supplier for your MDx components.

Buyer’s guide in brief

  • Key questions for your internal team to identify supply needs for current R&D and future commercialisation
  • A process for researching and evaluating potential supply partners
  • Tips for managing a strong and dynamic relationship with your supplier

Think success at full scale right from the start

Discover 6 tips for early-stage MDx companies seeking successful commercialisation.

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Scale up with confidence by adding redundancy to your supply chain

Rapid growth in demand for NGS kits prompted Tecan Genomics to strengthen their supply chain for raw materials. Download the case study to learn more about how Biosearch Technologies partnered with Tecan Genomics during this exciting period of growth.

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Ready to bring oligo synthesis in-house?

If you are thinking about investing into setting up your own oligo synthesis operation, there are many things to consider beyond instrument selection, but the benefits of making your own oligos are clear.

This guide summarises all the practical and technical considerations to work through with your team, as you set out your plan and budget to ensure that your synthesizers run at full capacity and you maximise your return on investment.

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