Oligos, probes and primers

Whether you require labelled or unlabelled oligos, we can meet your exact needs as we offer more custom modifications than any other oligo supplier at a cost well below the prevailing market rate.

GMP and commercial oligonucleotides

LGC Biosearch Technologies provides comprehensive, cost-effective nucleic acid services. As the leading vertically integrated supplier, we enable the greatest control over costs and supply chain demands, while our dye/quencher IP allows you freedom to operate. Our innovations, the Black Hole Quencher™ and complementary reporter dyes, are used universally by large, established partners and innovative startups for diverse applications.

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Therapeutic oligos

Development of oligos as aptamers, antisense, and RNAi therapeutics, and the requirement for highly modified oligos falls into perfect harmony with LGC Biosearch Technologies’ manufacturing expertise.

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DNA encoded library (DEL) components

We offer standard and custom DEL oligo components and are a trusted partner with many organisations that are synthesising DEL by split and pool, encoded self-assembly, DNA templated chemistry, and other synthesis techniques.

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Oligo modifications

LGC, Biosearch Technologies offers more modifications than any other custom oligo supplier. From modified bases to fluorescent reporter and quencher labels, Biosearch Technologies offers a complete array of modifications for 3', 5' and internal labeling.

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