controlled pore glass cpg

Solid support performance can be a significant factor in reducing oligonucleotide synthesis cost and ensuring a ​quality end-product.

Our controlled pore glass has been refined for maximum oligo purity and yield through advanced production techniques to optimise control of particle size and shape, pore size, pore volume and specific surface area.


Explore our bestsellers for therapeutic applications

In general, large scale oligo synthesis for therapeutic applications requires high loaded 500-600 Å and small to medium scale synthesis for diagnostic or research use require higher pores sizes. Explore our current top-selling CPG products for therapeutic oligos using the links below.


"We in Steinach fulfil the first step for pharmaceuticals that improve people’s lives. These drugs are based on synthesised oligonucleotides and our Controlled-Pore Glass (CPG) is the starting point for the oligonucleotide synthesis. Even if we are not generating the pharmaceuticals ourselves, we are totally aware of the responsibility we take on. That is why we produce the best CPG based on the best production process."

Jan Schönherr

Team leader, technical operations, LGC Biosearch Technologies CPG manufacturing

A solid support you can rely on with the highest quality built in

We follow ISO 9001 quality manufacturing standards to deliver the most reliable, consistent products. We strive to provide our customers with the peace of mind that their products can be manufactured with minimal impurities and maximal levels of safety for consumers worldwide.



Engineered for optimal consumer safety

Biosearch Technologies’ CPG is the gold-standard solid support used in all sectors of the therapeutics market.

Our collaborative process and customer co-creation ethic enables us to manufacture solid supports that are optimised for the synthesis of the latest therapeutic oligo classes including:

  • siRNA
  • LNA
  • Delivery enhancing lipid ligands
  • Single-guide RNA (sgRNA) for CRISPR applications

Choosing the right solid support

LGC’s CPG solid supports are available in a variety of pore sizes and functionalised nucleoside loadings. Six pore sizes are offered from 500 Å to 3000 Å to enable the synthesis of oligonucleotides for nearly any application.

The pore size you’ll require depends on the length, complexity and application of the oligonucleotide. Starting with an appropriate solid support based on the oligonucleotide’s characteristics is critical to maintaining a high coupling efficiency throughout the synthesis cycle.

To simplify the selection process and help direct you towards the right CPG selection for your application, explore our guided solid support finder.


What are the most widely used pore sizes?

  • 500/600 Å CPG
    <35mers medium to large scale oligo synthesis. High yields of product are required such as therapeutic oligos High loaded support is required. 500 Å can load up to ~100 μmol/g.
  • 1000 Å CPG
    >35mers or highly modified oligonucleotides. The loading is typically 25-40 µmol/g and most of our modifiers are functionalised onto this pore size as standard.
  • 2000/3000 Å CPG
    The loading is typically 10-20 µmol/g.

CPG quick find

Bulk and column-packed controlled pore glass products by LGC Biosearch Technologies are summarised in this table with quick links to help you find what you’re looking for.

Type of CPG Modification available
DNA dA, dC (Ac), dC (Bz), dG (iBu), dG (dmf), dT​
RNA rA (Bz), rC (Ac), rC (Bz), rG (iBu), rG (dmf), rU

2'OMe rA (Bz), 2'OMe rC (Ac), 2'OMe rC (Bz), 2'OMe rG (iBu), 2'OMe rG (dmf), 2'OMe rU
RNA (pac) rA (pac), rG (iPr-Pac), rG (iPr-Pac)
Reverse synthesis 3'DMT dT, 3' DMT dA (Bz), 3' DMT dC (Bz)
LNA LNA A (Bz), LNA C (Bz), LNA G (dmf), LNA T
2'F 2'F A (Bz), 2'F C (Ac), 2'F G (iBu), 2'F U
BHQ (1000Å/500Å) BHQ-1, BHQ-2, BHQ-3
Other fluorophores and quenchers CAL Fluor, TAMRA, Fluorescein, Cyanine, Dabcyl, DDQ, BBQ
Universal DMTr off (N-iPr), UnyLinker™ (DMTr on, N-Ph)
Cell delivery GalNAcTocopherol, cholesterol

Thinking about bringing oligo synthesis in-house?

Beyond instrument selection, there are several practical considerations to work through before you make that decision.

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Need support with your CPG?

Our scientists are on hand to help you select the right controlled pore glass for your application and offer individual support with any technical questions you may have. Regardless of your time zone – you can establish, optimise, or troubleshoot your oligo synthesis protocols with one of our nucleic acid chemistry specialists who will help you find exactly what you need.