Genetic screening and pharmacogenomics

Rethinking the landscape for genetic marker testing

The increased accessibility of direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing has further fueled the curiosity to decipher an individual’s genetic makeup to gain deeper insight into what their DNA might reveal about them, such as drug metabolism, disease development and ancestry.

To meet both the demand and the need for flexibility as testing firms seek to differentiate their services, LGC, Biosearch Technologies combines multiple instruments into the IntelliQube™ to simplify your screening workflow for walk-away operation, while economically customising to your throughput requirements.

An automated PCR platform that grants you the flexibility you need

Keep up with your samples

The IntelliQube­ is a medium- to high-throughput PCR instrument that seamlessly integrates liquid handling, amplification, detection and data analysis. It can process 384 or 768 well formats with the inline automation of the Array Tape™ consumable to grant you the scalability you need.

The revolutionary Array Tape consumable replaces your standard microplate with 7X less plastic at customisable formats and reaction volumes. Save up to 90% on reagents with miniaturised reaction volumes as low as 1.6 µL.

Low cost per sample

Start saving

Unconstrained design

Relieve yourself from the restrictions of fixed microarrays with the more flexible, probe-based assay. Our team of experts is dedicated to collaborating with you to design a successful assay.

Versatile to deliver on your desired application - view the application notes

Automated, high-throughput quantitative PCR for accurate, economical and precise copy number determination


Accurate SNP analysis using the IntelliQube and duplex BHQplus genotyping assays with a fast PCR protocol


Characterisation of real-time qPCR sensitivity on the IntelliQube


Multiplex One-step RT-qPCR for Gene Expression Analysis using the IntelliQube® and BHQ® probes


BHQ® Probe Assay Development for Animal Health Screening on the IntelliQube®


Multiplex SNP Analysis of Human Reference DNA Samples Using the IntelliQube® and BHQplus® Assays


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