Setting up a nucleic acid purification (NAP) service project

LGC Biosearch Technologies provides DNA and RNA extraction services to meet the demands of any project. Extraction is performed from a range of starting materials, utilising our in-house technologies.

Project completion

On completion of an nucleic acid preparation (NAP) project, samples are sent to the customer for downstream experiments or transferred to the relevant Biosearch Technologies service laboratory for additional processing as required.

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Once you have received a quotation for your extraction project, and have submitted a purchase order to Biosearch Technologies, a project manager will be assigned to coordinate your extraction project. Your project manager will be responsible for planning and implementing the laboratory work required for your project. If you have any queries throughout the course of your extraction project, please contact your project manager who will be happy to assist.

Sample submission form and sample ID information

Please submit information regarding your planned NAP project using our NAP sample submission form. Biosearch Technologies requires information regarding your sample IDs, either in a plate map file or list (manifest) format.

Preparing and sending your samples

Please follow our guidelines to ensure that your biological samples meet our requirements for packaging and labelling, and that they arrive at Biosearch Technologies in good condition.

Extraction laboratory workflow

Once your samples and all required paperwork have been received, Biosearch Technologies will commence laboratory work on your NAP project.

Project completion

At project completion, extracted DNA will either be sent to the customer or transferred to the relevant Biosearch Technologies service laboratory as required.