Molecular diagnostics

Your critical components partner for PCR and NGS based molecular diagnostics

Advances in genomic discovery have fueled the explosive growth of molecular diagnostics (MDx) in vitro development, leading to more personalised medicine and improved patient outcomes.

LGC, Biosearch Technologies is dedicated to supporting these advancements with critical components and scientific expertise focused on the rapid development and commercialisation of your complex MDx assays.

Consistency and scalability for long-term success

Biosearch Technologies focuses on your success right from the start, with high reproducibility and consistency in manufacturing. Our decades of experience in scaling up and lean operation ensure that as you increase production sizes, we are able to provide consistency from small to large scale production, while maintaining the cost effectiveness of your design even at larger scales.

Unmatched customisation capabilities

We are committed to delivering timely solutions for difficult problems without compromising quality, price, reliability, or reproducibility. Our ‘Quality by Design’ approach offers the ability to optimise production from small to large-scale according to your custom project requirements. Once all the customisable features are selected, they are locked down into a controlled manufacturing process that consistently delivers toward specification.

Dedicated customer care and true partnership

At Biosearch Technologies, we pride ourselves in supporting and partnering with you from R&D through commercialisation. All projects are directly managed by an experienced Strategic Account Manager, as well as a team of science and manufacturing experts who will provide technical consultations from the beginning of your product development to ensure your success.

Quality components to empower your PCR workflow

Whether you need individual custom, GMP-compliant critical oligonucleotide components or fully finished diagnostic kits, Biosearch Technologies provides synthesis, formulation, and packaging to accelerate assay development from conception to commercialisation.

NGS solutions from sample prep to data analysis

Our dedicated next generation sequencing (NGS) division brings world-leading expertise, services, components, and complete kit solutions together with best-in-class technologies to address the entire NGS workflow.

We'd love to help you make a difference

Choosing the right supplier for your assay components is crucial to successfully take your molecular diagnostic assay to market. Success starts here. Connect with us today.