ChIRP Probe Designer

Design your own custom Chromatin Isolation via RNA Precipitation (ChIRP) probe set using our online design software, free with registration. After design, you can order your oligos and learn which DNA-chromatin regions are associated to your lncRNA of interest.

LGC Biosearch Technologies' Chromatin Isolation by RNA Purification (ChIRP) Probe Designer is easy to use and free of charge with a web account registration. By using this probe designer to generate a custom ChIRP probe set, you are just a few clicks away from placing your ChIRP order online.  Copying and pasting into an order form is not required.  If you already have a Biosearch web account, please log-in or click here to create a new online account.

Start Design

Ordering ChIRP probes using a web account has its share of benefits. You may design probes, review and select your sequences, save them to your cart, proceed to online checkout or share your cart with your purchasing agent. You may even access your online order history to reorder ChIRP probes you have designed and/or purchased in the past. LGC Biosearch Technologies and EMD/Millipore are exclusively licensed to provide ChIRP probe sets. LGC Biosearch Technologies does not, however, offer technical support for their use.  Please visit the ChIRP Probes product page for more information regarding ChIRP.