The oKtopure™ is a fully automated nucleic acid extraction platform that combines high-throughput automation with the proprietary sbeadex™ magnetic bead based extraction chemistry for high quality, high yield extraction.

Key to the delivery of consistently high-quality and high-yield DNA preparations from the oKtopure is its ability to bind and hold the magnetic beads with the DNA in place while transferring the buffers required for washing, binding and elution steps. The final aqueous wash used in the sbeadex extraction protocols enables the delivery of nucleic preparations ideal for downstream applications such as SNP genotyping and NGS and Sanger sequencing.

The availability of the offline tip wash station is a key feature of the oKtopure automated DNA extraction system, and this offers savings on consumables of up to 50% through the re-use of tips across up to 40 DNA extraction runs.

Key features of the oKtopure

  • Fully automated platform for sbeadex extractions
    • 8 x 96 plates/1-1.5 hour for sbeadex mini extractions (20-30 mg starting material)
    • 8 x 96 plates/2.5 hours or sbeadex maxi extractions (80-100 mg starting material)
  • Drives increased throughput and efficiency of extraction using sbeadex chemistry (mini and maxi format)
  • Efficient use of laboratory space
    • Small format: 170 cm x 68.5 cm x 65 cm
  • Offline tip washing option drives reduced consumable costs through re-use of tips
    • Savings of up to 50%
  • Compatible with existing SNPline installations
  • The variable Z - position dispensing head facilitates use of both shallow and deep well plates
  • Customised or preset protocols to suit a wide variety of sample materials.