Design software

Free online design software is available for qPCR probes and primers, Stellaris™ RNA FISH Probes and ChIRP oligos.

RealTimeDesign qPCR Assay Design Software

RealTimeDesign™ is our web-based qPCR assay design software provided FREE of charge for all users. This design software is accessible from any internet browser and contains express and custom features to suit both novice and expert users in qPCR. Take the guess work out of probe and primer design - let RealTimeDesign select the optimal sequences for you!

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Stellaris Probe Designer

Design your own Custom Stellaris RNA FISH probes using our online Stellaris probe designer, free with registration. By using this probe designer, you are just a few clicks away from placing your Stellaris order online.

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ChIRP Probe Designer

Design your own custom Chromatin Isolation via RNA Precipitation (ChIRP) probe set using our online design software, free with registration. After design, you can order your oligos and learn which DNA-chromatin regions are associated to your lncRNA of interest.

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