Our extracted DNA fulfills highest demands for quality. To prepare the DNA for downstream applications, a range of additional services can be included in the extraction project:

  • Quantification by UV measurement and/or PicoGreen® measurement
  • Concentration and normalisation of nucleic acid extracts 
  • Gel electrophoresis analysis (0.8% standard agarose gel)
  • Storage of DNA samples.

Our DNA extraction services are optimised for downstream applications including DNA sequencing and KASP genotyping.

Ordering information

Normalisation, quantification, QC and other services

Part no. Product description
GEN-9300-911 Quantification of DNA concentration - PicoGreen measurement
GEN-9300-912 Quantification of DNA concentration - Qubit measurement
GEN-9300-913 Quantification of DNA concentration - Spectrophotmetry (UV measurement) - per plate
GEN-9300-915 DNA normalisation of up to 1 mL of DNA in a 96-well plate - per plate
GEN-9300-916 DNA normalisation of up to 1 mL of DNA in a 2D barcoded tube - per plate
GEN-9300-917 DNA normalisation of up to 1 mL of DNA in a 2D barcoded tube (externally extracted DNA)
GEN-9300-918 Gel electrophoresis analysis
GEN-9300-919 Re-purification of DNA/concentrating of DNA
GEN-9300-920 Genotyping QC (24 SNP Exome sample tracking panel) - per plate
GEN-9300-921 Genotyping QC (3 SNPs inc. gender assay) - per plate
GEN-9300-940 Fee for witnessed transfer
GEN-9300-941 Sample transfer/cherry picking/re-arraying of DNA solutions - per sample
GEN-9300-942 External disposal of samples
GEN-9300-943 DNA sample collection service per shipment
GEN-9300-944 Return shipment of DNA Samples - per plate
GEN-9300-945 Return shipment of DNA Samples - 2D marcoded Matrix tube rack
GEN-9300-961 Additional DNA aliquots in deepwell plate - per plate
GEN-9300-962 Additional DNA aliquots in 2D barcoded tubes - per rack