Pre-designed KASP assay panels



In collaboration with scientific partners across the globe, we have developed a number of KASP™ genotyping panels for various species. These pre-designed, in silico optimised designs are cost effective and easy to run with no minimum order quantity.


Unlike chip-based systems with fixed marker sets, our KASP genotyping panels allow you the flexibility to select markers in response to the dynamic nature of marker-assisted breeding projects.

geneticist assessing plant variant

How to order a pre-designed KASP panel to run in your lab

  1. Complete the enquiry form.
  2. Receive an order number or project number from our commercial team.
  3. Email a completed SNP submission form to our lab services team or as directed by your commercial contact.
  4. Receive your assay mix in one to two weeks.

Explore our menu of KASP genotyping panels by species:


Develop new wheat varieties and wheat hybrids with marker assisted selection. Choose from >8,000 validated wheat KASP SNP assays to select informative markers for your breeding programme. We offer two sets of SNP markers developed in conjunction with the University of Bristol (UK), and the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP). The wheat pre-designed assays cover the A, B and D genomes, and all chromosomes within these genomes. Learn more about the wheat genotyping panels:


A set of 1200 KASP™ SNP markers for maize were developed for the Global Maize Programme of CIMMYT and the Generation Challenge Program. This validated set of KASP SNP markers has been applied to over 500 projects with CIMMYT globally, and is now available to the wider maize breeding community as a valuable tool for marker-assisted selection. Markers include those for drought tolerance, nitrogen use efficiency, biotic stress resistance and aluminium tolerance.

This set of 1082 KASP™ SNP genotyping assays for soybean was originally developed for the Generation Challenge Programme’s Integrated Breeding Platform. These assays are now available to the soybean breeding community to accelerate development of improved varieties by marker-assisted selection. Review the soybean assays list. Enquire
The Generation Challenge Programme developed a set of 2,055 KASP SNP genotyping assays for their Integrated Breeding Platform. We are pleased to make these assays available to rice breeders to support developing new varieties of rice through marker-assisted selection. See the full rice assay listEnquire
Developed in partnership with the SolCAP consortium, we offer a validated panel of 384 KASP SNP markers for cultivated tomato plus an additional ~7000 KASP SNP markers. Read more about SolCAP and the tomato genotyping panel and see the full tomato assay listEnquire

Leverage the expertise of the University of Saskatechewan’s Pulse Crop Group with this panel of 146 validated SNP genotyping assays for lentil. 


The zebrafish panel consists of 1,073 functionally validated KASP SNP genotyping assays. The panel was developed by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Zebrafish Mutation Project in collaboration with the Hubrecht Institute, Urtercht, The Netherlands. Learn more about the panel and see the full list of zebrafish SNP assays.


Developed in collaboration with the University of Southampton, the human genotyping panel consists of 24 scientifically validated KASP genotyping assays to track human DNA samples through a project workflow. Learn more about the 24 SNPs included in the panel


The original samples are genotyped using the KASP panel, resulting in a genotype profile that acts as an internal barcode for each sample. At the end of the project workflow, samples can be referenced to their original profile to verify sample integrity. The SNPs comprising the panel are also present in all major whole exome enrichment methods for NGS, providing convenient end-point readout.


The mouse panel, developed in conjunction with The Jackson Laboratory, Maine, USA consists of 1,638 pre-validated assays for mouse genotyping. These SNPmarkers were selected from publicly available databases and the KASP assays were validated across DNA from the majority of popular laboratory mouse strains. The library provides a powerful tool for the mapping of traits within mouse disease models and breeding populations. The mouse assay list also details the genetic variation between the popular strains of laboratory mice at these SNP locations. Read the mouse genotyping case study for more information. 


The rat panel, developed in collaboration with the Hubrecht institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands consists of 820 pre-validated assays for rat genotyping. These SNP markers were selected to be polymorphic between the BN and Wistar or SS strains, and evenly spread across the rat chromosomes. The KASP assays were validated across DNA from the majority of popular laboratory rat strains. Read more about the development of this library. The library provides a powerful tool for the mapping of traits within rat disease models and breeding populations. Review the rat panel spreadsheet for details. 


Order a pre-designed KASP genotyping panel.

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