Targeted sequencing for plants and livestock


Accelerate the launch of next generation traits from the lab to farms and fields across the globe with targeted sequencing technologies from LGC Biosearch Technologies.


Targeted sequencing genotyping platforms give you the information you need to maximise genetic gain and provide your breeders with tangible improvements in trait development and operational efficiency.


Ideal for characterising hundreds of thousands of targets, Capture-Seq uses a targeted sequencing approach based on in-solution hybridisation-based capture.

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Flex-Seq is a high-throughput targeted sequencing service based on probe hybridisation technology. If your pre-breeding work is complete and you’re ready to scale up, Flex-Seq delivers industry-scale solutions for industry-scale genotyping.


Bring our proprietary technology into your lab with the Amp-Seq targeted sequencing workflow. Amp-Seq is a mid-plex tGBS solution based on amplicon sequencing.

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