RNase R and other enzymes for circular mRNA synthesis

RNase R for circular RNA synthesis (circRNA)


Circular RNA (circRNA) presents an opportunity to enhance pharmaceutical stability and biostability. The covalently closed structures of circRNA are resistant to RNA exonucleases and eliminate the need for expensive capping technology.

Ensure translation accuracy in circular RNA synthesis by in vitro transcription (IVT) with RNase R (Epicentre RNase R). RNase R is a magnesium-dependent 3′ → 5′ exoribonuclease that digests linear RNAs after circularisation, enhancing protein production.

LGC Biosearch Technologies™ manufactures RNase R (Epicentre RNase R) in our ISO-13485 accredited manufacturing facilities in Middleton, WI USA with convenient international fulfillment through our global operations.


Additional enzymes for circular RNA synthesis (circRNA)

In addition to RNase R, we offer a wide selection of specialised enzymes for circular RNA synthesis.


Many of our enzymes are cited in publications as sourced from Lucigen and Epicentre, which are now part of Biosearch Technologies. 

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Custom projects for circular RNA synthesis

Backed by 25 years of expertise in enzyme development and production, we also offer custom formulations of in vitro transcription enzymes (IVT enzymes). Like all of our enzymes, we manufacture custom enzymes in our ISO-13485 accredited facilities. We offer customisations to support you from early method development to large-scale production.

Popular enzyme customisations for circular RNA synthesis:

  • Different concentrations
  • Triton free or glycerol free
  • Custom QC based on your requirements
  • Batch reservation
  • Lot retention
  • Custom storage or reaction buffers
  • Bulk dispense


In addition to customising our enzymes to meet your requirements, you can also partner with us to manufacture your proprietary IVT enzyme constructs in our ISO-13485 accredited facilities.

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See how our RNase R has contributed to circRNA research:


Circular RNA vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and emerging variants

A circular RNA (circRNA) vaccine that encodes the trimeric RBD antigens of SARS-CoV-2 spike provides protection and memory boosting against SARSCoV-2.

Marek’s Disease Virus Virulence Genes Encode Circular RNAs

This study provided the first evidence of viral circRNAs that were expressed at key steps of the Marek’s disease virus lifecycle using genome-wide analyses of circRNAs.

Circular RNAs Represent a Novel Class of Human Cytomegalovirus Transcripts

Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infects a large portion of the human population globally. Several HCMV-derived noncoding RNAs are involved in the regulation of viral gene expression and the virus life cycle.

What goes around comes around: Artificial circular RNAs bypass cellular antiviral responses

Natural circular RNAs have been found to sequester microRNAs and suppress their function. We have used this principle as a molecular tool and produced artificial circular RNA sponges in a cell-free system by in vitro transcription and ligation.

A flexible, efficient, and scalable platform to produce circular RNAs as new therapeutics

This study provided a general platform for efficient production of circRNAs, demonstrating the potential of circRNAs as the new generation of mRNA therapy.
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Read about the potential of circular RNA as the next revolution in RNA therapeutics.

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