Molecular diagnostics instrumentation and support

Automation affords molecular diagnostics (MDx) developers with an easier, more efficient and repeatable workflow. LGC, Biosearch Technologies offers a suite of instruments to make processing high-quality results routine. We have you covered with fully automated MDx instruments for medium- to ultra-high-throughput applications.

Each of our powerful molecular diagnostics instruments is fully automated to boost your lab’s productivity and efficiency. By design, this can also accelerate your time to results, while increasing sample throughput.

Our partnership with UgenTec leverages artificial intelligence to process testing volumes from 4,500 up to 150,000 COVID-19 tests per day on a single platform.

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oKtopure™ automated DNA extraction system

The oKtopure is a fully automated nucleic acid extraction platform that combines high-throughput automation with Biosearch Technologies’ sbeadex™ magnetic bead-based technology for high-quality, high-yield nucleic acid preparation.

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IP-Star™ compact automated system

This is a breakthrough library prep automation instrument that provides superior throughput, reproducible results and the flexibility needed to change multiple parameters in your protocols to achieve optimal experimental conditions. The automated IP-Star Compact System reduces hands-on time to just 30 minutes.

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IntelliQube™ qPCR system

The IntelliQube is a medium- to high-throughput PCR instrument that seamlessly integrates liquid handling, amplification, detection and data analysis. It can process 384- or 768-well formats with the inline automation of the Array Tape™ consumable to grant you the scalability you need.

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