Upload Excel Order Form

For your convenience, we've developed an upload feature allowing you to order multiple oligos at once. On the left, download the excel order form for your product of interest. When you have filled in all necessary information on the Oligo Info spreadsheet, you may upload your file on the right. This feature requires Excel 2003 or newer. Please see below for more details.

Download Templates

Upload Spreadsheets

Steps for the Excel Upload Feature

Step 1: Download Excel Order Form

Available order forms:

  • BHQ Probes
  • BHQplus Probes
  • MGB Probes
  • ValuMix for qPCR & Gene Expression
  • ValuMix for SNP Genotyping
  • Molecular Beacons
  • Scorpions Primers
  • Custom Oligos
  • BHQnova Probes

Step 2: Fill in the Order Form

  • Customer Info spreadsheet: Leave blank if ordering through the website. Otherwise, complete this spreadsheet if you wish to email your order instead.
  • Oligo Info: This section must be complete and accurate for the upload feature to work successfully. The website will validate and report any errors with the excel data.
  • Examples: Multiple examples are provided to show you how to enter oligo ordering information that is compatible with our systems.
  • When filling out the Excel order form DO NOT:
    • Add columns or rows
    • Delete sheets
    • Skip rows when filling out your sequences

Step 3: Upload File

Step 4: Wait for Processing

  • No Errors in file: Your items will be added directly to your cart.
  • Errors in file: You will receive a report listing the row with the error. Please correct your original file and try uploading again.

Step 5: Done!

  • Your oligos should be listed as items in your cart. You may checkout or continue shopping.