Nucleic acid purification kits

We offer innovative superparamagnetic bead-based and spin column-based nucleic acid purification technologies for fast and convenient isolation of high-quality DNA and RNA from a broad range of sample materials and species.

sbeadex nucleic acid purification technology

sbeadex™ magnetic microparticles enable the automated high-throughput extraction and purification of high quality DNA and RNA preparations from a wide range of materials including plant, blood, cells and tissues, bacteria, viruses and forensic material.

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sbeadex PCR clean-up Kit

The sbeadex™ PCR clean-up Kit is used to purify PCR products for sensitive downstream applications. Components of the PCR reaction such that primers, unincorporated nucleotides, enzymes and other contaminations are efficiently removed and the protocol can be scaled up or down for other volumes of PCR product.

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sbeadex Forensic DNA Purification Kit

The sbeadex™ Forensic DNA Purification Kit enables isolation of high-quality DNA from a wide variety of forensic sample types, including blood stains, hair, semen and saliva from e.g. clothing, chewing gum and clothing.

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sbeadex Tissue DNA Purification Kit

The sbeadex™ Tissue DNA Purification Kit is ideally suited to isolate high-quality nucleic acids from a wide range of mammalian tissues and cultured cells (e.g. skin, lung, muscle, spleen, mouse tails, ear punches) which can be used in downstream applications such as PCR or sequencing.

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sbeadex Plant DNA Purification Kits

The sbeadex™ Plant DNA Purification Kits are used to isolate DNA from a wide variety of plant species and materials. They have been optimised for automated high-quality DNA isolation from both fresh and lyophilised plant tissue material including leaves, seeds, fruits, pulp, bark and roots.

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sbeadex Plasmid DNA Purification Kit

The sbeadex™ Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is used to isolate plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures (e.g. E. coli). They have been optimised for automated high-quality plasmid DNA isolation that is suitable for many downstream applications such as cloning, restriction analysis, in vitro transcription, cell transformation/transfection, nucleic acid labeling, PCR, DNA sequencing.

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Sample material can vary greatly in consistency as well as in sugar, protein and fat composition - all of which can affect the quality and purity of the extracted nucleic acid and the subsequent performance of downstream applications. To provide the most efficient and effective extraction method LGC Biosearch Technologies offers not only a range of different extraction technologies but also the capacity to develop tailor-made kit systems optimised to a particular application.

Key features of each purification technology

  sbeadex™ mag™

Surface-modified superparamagnetic particles

Modified magnetic particles

Mechanism of action(1) Novel two-step binding mechanism Classic polarity-based binding mechanism
Format 96-well 96-well 
Flexibility scalable protocols scalable protocols
Optimised matrices Plant material, forensic samples, tissue and cells, bacterial cultures Whole blood, buffy coat, buccal swabs, bacteria, yeast, fungi
Grade of automation Automated high-throughput extraction Automated high-throughput extraction
  • No organic solvents or chaotropic salts in final wash buffers
  • No drying of beads for evaporation of alcohols
  • High flexibility of all extraction parameters
  • High flexibility of all extraction parameters
  • High yields

(1) Our surface-coated superparamagnetic particles do not require the use of vacuum filtration or centrifugation steps, hence they are well-suited to automation.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.