Genotyping and LIMS software

Three available software packages - you choose. Just viewing genotyping data, analysis, reports to a complete laboratory information management software (LIMS).


SNPviewer is a tool that is available as a free-of-charge download. It enables visualisation of genotyping data from a reader in a cluster plot.

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LGC Biosearch Technologies has a set of software packages available. These range from the basic SNPviewer™ package that can be used to view genotyping data from a genotyping service project run in the Biosearch Technologies laboratories through to Kraken™ which is a complete laboratory information management software (LIMS).

Software Overview Typical users
SNPviewer A tool that enables genotyping data to be viewed as a cluster plot (available as free-of-charge download)
  • Customers receiving data from genotyping service projects run at LGC.
KlusterCaller A software package that enables genotyping data analysis and reporting.  Data can be imported from SNPviewer projects, and from plate readers and qPCR instruments.
  • Customers running genotyping projects in their own laboratory who wish to manage their data within a project format
  • Customers receiving data from genotyping service projects run at Biosearch Technologies who need to be able to manipulate the data themselves.
Kraken A complete LIMS platform that handles all laboratory processes including sample management and tracking, data analysis and reporting. 
  • Biosearch Technologies runs their entire service operation using Kraken
  • Customers who have a SNPline in their laboratory
  • Customers who require a system to manage their laboratory workflow.

The features of the software packages  

Features SNPviewer KlusterCaller Kraken
Open SNPviewer files
User definable export X X
Display genotyping clusters X X
Save SNPviewer files  
Edit genotyping calls   X X
Autocalling of genotyping results   X
Import plate reader files  
Definable control wells  
Plate reader compensation  
Part plate filter (view data by quadrants and sectors)  
Drill out unreliable wells  
Multiple users  
Password protected user control    
Track any form of sample well transfer    
Primer and oligo tracking    
Assay plate formatting    
Freezer tracking    
Robotic command line interface    
Thermal cycle parameter tracking    
Project management    
Fully searchable    
High speed database