Quasar dyes

The Quasar™ Dyes were developed as replacements for the Cy™ dyes. These high performing, lower cost dyes facilitate the automated synthesis of probes. With emission values ranging from 566 to 705 nm, Quasar dyes increase fluorophore choices and help eliminate potential cross-talk problems associated with multiplex qPCR and are efficiently quenched by BHQs.

LGC, Biosearch Technologies' series of Quasar dyes are direct, cost-effective replacements for the Cy™3, Cy5 and Cy5.5 dyes. Quasar 570, Quasar 670 and Quasar 705, with emission maxima at 570, 670 and 705 nm, respectively. Dye-CPG and phosphoramidites are available for labeling oligonucleotides. These reactive forms allow the Quasar dyes to be incorporated during oligo synthesis, which results in more efficient label incorporation and fewer purification steps than post-synthesis labeling.

The Quasar dyes are efficiently quenched by BHQ™-2 or BHQ-3 and can be used in many different probe formats. Multiplex suggestions and PCR instrument compatibility of Quasar dyes can be found at our multiplex qPCR webpage.

Quasar dye properties

Label Abs Max Em Max Dye Replaced
Quasar 570 548 nm 566 nm Cy™ 3
Quasar 670 647 nm 670 nm Cy 5
Quasar 705 690 nm 705 nm Cy 5.5

Download our Black Hole Quencher and Dye Selection Chart for more details about other offered dyes.