All-inclusive services

All inclusive genotyping service for plants, livestock and aquaculture

In industries such as livestock breeding, aquaculture and plant breeding, there is an increasing need to find markers for superior production traits. To achieve this, cost effective genotyping is required. However, often the genotyping costs per datapoint are only the tip of the iceberg…

To ensure the total project costs are transparent, LGC Biosearch Technologies has developed the all-inclusive service packages with unprecedented cost efficiencies for larger numbers of samples and SNPs.

The simple, all-inclusive DNA extraction and KASP™ genotyping service offering includes KASP Genotyping assay design, DNA extraction and KASP genotyping services, and is delivered from our global state-of-the-art laboratories. For plant and aquaculture samples, our convenient BioArk Leaf, BioArk Seed, or BioArk Fish collection kit is also included.

Biosearch Technologies' cost effective, all-inclusive service makes it feasible and even simple to genotype large sample and SNP numbers.

The complete service package is available for the following industries: (click on your chosen industry to see pricing information)


The all-inclusive service is ideal for:

  • Genomic selection
  • Fingerprinting
  • Marker-assisted selection
  • Population genotyping
  • Marker-assisted backcrossing
  • Characterising training/reference populations
  • Molecular mapping
  • Marker-assisted recurrent selection
  • QTL mapping

Optional services

All-inclusive genotyping service is based on in-silico designed KASP genotyping assays. The service does not include wet lab validation of assays or re-design as standard. Options are available, please enquire for pricing.

What happens next?

  1. Submit your request for more information and confirm you are happy with the quotation
  2. If appropriate, Biosearch Technologies will send you the appropriate number of plant sample collection kits for your program size.
  3. You ship your samples to Biosearch Technologies with a list of the SNP markers you would like to genotype on your samples.
  4. We confirm sample receipt and perform the DNA extraction and genotyping in our service labs.
  5. You receive the data within five weeks from sample receipt

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.