Agricultural NGS technologies and services

Next generation sequencing (NGS) is an essential genomics tool for many plant and animal breeding and improvement programs but research teams can be challenged by the complexities and costs of the many techniques available. At LGC Biosearch Technologies, we help you unlock the full power of NGS for agrigenomics with products and services that simplify workflows whilst keeping costs contained. Our core technologies enable high-throughput, cost-effective DNA analysis in plant, livestock and aquaculture genetics. This in turn enables development of more productive and resilient plants and animals, as well as food safety and animal health applications through the identification and screening of pathogens. We are already enabling the next wave of agricultural advances as we help world-leading organisations solve their mission to sustainably improve farming productivity leveraging genomic technologies, and we stand ready to help you achieve your crop and animal improvement goals using the power of NGS. Read on to see all the ways we can help.

Transforming agrigenomics through NGS

Accelerate your breeding program with us. Now more than ever, the power of NGS is accessible through Biosearch Technologies. With products and services specifically built for agriculture applications from Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) to targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS), we can help you accelerate your breeding program from trait discovery through genomic selection to back-crossing.

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Library preparation for whole genome sequencing (WGS)

Whole genome sequencing (WGS), resequencing (WGR), and skim sequencing are powerful techniques for uncovering population diversity and characterising structural variations in the genome. But getting accurate and reliable data is highly dependent on the quality of the input library. With NxSeq™ DNA fragment library preparation kits you can reliably generate highly complex and informative libraries for uniform and unbiased sequencing data that is critical for uncovering important diversity associated with phenotypically relevant traits.

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Genotyping by sequencing (GBS) services for SNP discovery and GWAS

GBS is the SNP discovery method of choice when reference genome sequence is unavailable, and is ideal for simultaneous genotyping of multiple DNA samples for scoring random markers across an entire genome. Get all the benefits of GBS whilst keeping your team focused on the biology of crop improvements with Biosearch Technologies’ all-inclusive GBS services. Our scientists have deep expertise in techniques ranging from normalised GBS (nGBS), double digest RadSeq (ddRAD) and other GBS complexity reduction sequencing approaches, and are ready to work with your team to connect phenotypically relevant traits to genetic markers to accelerate your marker-assisted breeding programs using GBS.

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Targeted GBS kits and services for genomic selection

Targeted sequencing technologies are ideal for high-throughput breeding programs to achieve genetic gains with flexibility of content and de-novo SNP and structural variation analysis that is not possible with microarray platforms. Flex-Seq and Capture-Seq are ideally suited for a wide range of marker density SNP genotyping (scalable from 1,000 to 100,000 SNPs) for thousands of samples with no up-front library development costs. The same targeted GBS technology is also available in kit format, so you can maintain platform consistency whether you run your samples in our lab or in yours.

Other NGS laboratory services

Our all-inclusive NGS laboratory services can keep your workflows lean and agile, delivering the flexibility to address over-capacity, one-off projects, and scale-up to full production pipelines. With labs in Europe and the US, our services are freed from geographic constraints and offer a range of NGS services including Sanger sequencing, 16S/18S rRNA sequencing, GBS, target enrichment methods, metagenomics and WGS sequencing. Our experts are ready to collaborate with you on selecting and executing the most effective methods for obtaining actionable data to advance your science.

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Let's mix it up: take a moment and see where our enzymes are made

Enzymes for sequencing applications

Accurate NGS data and high quality libraries are reliant on enzymes that are highly specific and deliver reproducible results. Our extensive portfolio of library preparation enzymes covers both workhorse and high quality specialty enzymes that are compatible with a variety of DNA and RNA sequencing methods, giving you the maximum flexibility to tailor library preparation to your specific research problem whilst maintaining data quality.

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Plant and animal sample preparation for NGS

Because sample quality affects the accuracy and reliability of next generation sequencing (NGS) and PCR, getting sample preparation right is critical. Our high performance DNA and RNA extraction and purification kits, automated DNA purification instruments and tailor-made extraction services deliver high quality DNA and RNA that improves your data quality and enables you make critical research decisions.

Agrigenomics resources for NGS

Large scale genotyping programs require efficient tools for high-density SNP discovery whilst keeping costs contained. Here we present an optimised, self-tuning genotyping by sequencing (GBS) method, called normalised GBS (nGBS), which efficiently reduces the genome complexity of any species to a few hundred thousand loci across the complete genome.

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