Stellaris Probe Designer

Design your own Custom Stellaris RNA FISH probes using our online Stellaris probe designer, free with registration. By using this probe designer, you are just a few clicks away from placing your Stellaris order online.

Start Design

LGC Biosearch Technologies' Stellaris® RNA FISH Probe Designer, for RNA  in situ hybridization probe design, is easy to use and free of charge with registration. You may use the designer for in situ probe design, review your sequences, save them to your cart, and proceed to online checkout with just a few clicks. You can also share your cart with your purchasing agent or access your online order history to reorder Stellaris RNA FISH probe sets you have designed and/or purchased in the past.

If you already have a Biosearch web account, please sign in or create a new LGC Biosearch account.

Before using the designer to generate your hybridization probes, you may want to check out our DesignReady targets, which are designed assays that have gone through rigorous bioinformatic analysis to ensure specificity. Also, make sure to order a positive control from our Stellaris ShipReady products and Stellaris Buffers to enhance detection of your Stellaris Probe Sets.

New to Stellaris RNA FISH?

Learn more about this technology on the Stellaris RNA FISH application page. You may also review product and ordering information at our Custom Stellaris RNA FISH Probes product page.

Design Considerations

Be sure to read our tech blog article “Designing Stellaris RNA FISH Probes” before designing your custom Stellaris RNA FISH assay, to review all design considerations.

To view all available dyes and multiplexing recommendations for Stellaris RNA FISH please take a look at the Stellaris Dyes and Modifications webpage. Before selecting a dye for your Stellaris RNA FISH probe set, check the dye filter set of your microscope to ensure that it is compatible with the dye by using the Chroma’s Spectra Viewer tool.

Note I: Due to the variable autofluorescence in the green channel inherent to some cells and tissues, it is not recommended to use FAM for some Stellaris RNA FISH assays. We recommend testing your sample for green channel autofluorescence before ordering FAM labeled sets or ordering an alternative dye that is compatible with your experiment.

Note II: The success rate of Custom Probe Sets depend on many variables, such as imaging platform, operator use of optics, target sequence, transcript number, subcellular localization of transcript, number of probes in the set, space between probes, masking level, sample identity whether cultured cells or fresh or frozen tissue, preparation and handling of sample, and customer's design of probe sets with or without the Stellaris Probe Designer. While the Stellaris Probe Designer bioinformatically increases the chances of a probe set being successful, the customer is responsible for designing a probe set that is compatible with all of the variables mentioned above unique to their platform technologies and model system, and therefore we cannot guarantee the success of Customer Probe Sets, or troubleshoot the designs.