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KASP™ has been a go-to choice for genotyping assays by top agriculture breeding programmes worldwide for more than 21 years. KASP is easy to use. Simply add your SNP-specific KASP assay targeting primers (KASP Assay Mix) and the universal KASP-TF Master Mix to your DNA samples then run a thermal cycling program and measure the end-point fluorescence.


If you are new to KASP, start with a free trial kit and get your questions answered by our experts. Once you’ve decided that KASP is a good fit for your application, it’s time to determine how you’d like to leverage our expertise.


  • Primer design: We use our proprietary software to select target-specific primers and send you a custom KASP Assay Mix.
  • Primer design with validation: In addition to primer selection, our experts can fully wet-lab validate and optimise your assay and send you a fully optimised custom KASP Assay Mix.
  • Pre-designed assay libraries: Choose from thousands of pre-validated genotyping assays for several plant and animal species. Learn more.
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What is the KASP assay mix?

After you send us your sequence, our in-house experts will use our proprietary software to identify the best mix of three assay-specific non-labelled oligos for your SNP, indel or mega indel:

  • Two allele-specific forward primers
  • One common reverse primer

Aliquots of your KASP Assay Mix are provided in 2D barcoded tubes in sufficient quantities to enable:

  • 2,500 reactions at 10 µL total reaction volumes (96-well PCR plates)
  • 5,000 reactions at 5 µL total reaction volumes (384-well PCR plates)

Start your KASP journey today by requesting a quote for KASP primer design with optional wet-lab services.

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We have been the exclusive supplier of KASP genotyping assays for more than 21 years. Use the form below to request a quote for your custom KASP genotyping assay with optional wet lab validation.