Fluorophores and quenchers

As inventors of the Black Hole Quencher™ (BHQ™) dyes, we design our dyes with the goal of providing solutions for you, the scientist. Our vibrant fluorophores and versatile quenchers are valuable tools for many technologies including: real-time qPCR, multiplex qPCR, SNP genotyping, and FRET assays. See below to learn more about our dyes and the technologies they support.

Black Hole Quencher (BHQ) dyes

Black Hole Quencher (BHQ) dyes quench fluorescent signals with greater efficiency and specificity, improving data quality for new insights that enable you to accelerate your product development. There are two ways to buy BHQ dyes, either in CPG or amidite form so that you can make the probes yourself, or to order custom BHQ probes synthesised to your specification.

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CAL Fluor dyes

Recently issued a patent for its CAL Fluor™ dyes, we introduced this series of vibrant dyes for real-time qPCR as lower-cost, superior performing replacements for many commonly used fluorophores. Their emission maxima range from 544 nm to 637 nm, which make them ideal fluorophores for multiplexed qPCR. They are excellent replacement fluorophores for VIC, TET, HEX, JOE, TAMRA, Texas Red®, LC Red 640® dyes. We offer dye calibration standards to optimise your instruments performance for these dyes.

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Quasar dyes

The Quasar™ Dyes were developed as replacements for the Cy™ dyes. These high performing, lower cost dyes facilitate the automated synthesis of probes. With emission values ranging from 566 to 705 nm, Quasar dyes increase fluorophore choices and help eliminate potential cross-talk problems associated with multiplex qPCR and are efficiently quenched by BHQs.

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qPCR dye calibration standards

LGC Biosearch Technologies offers CAL Fluor™ and Quasar™ dyes that span a wide range of emission wavelengths, for maximum flexibility in experimental design. Dye calibration standards are formulated with the fluorophore covalently attached to an oligo-dT (10-mer), to better mimic the signal from a fluorescent probe.

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SuperRox™ Dye

SuperROX is a specially formulated version of the ROX dye (carboxy-X-rhodamine) for use as a passive reference in qPCR reactions. It is typically formulated into the master mix, and used to normalize for signal variation on certain real-time thermal cyclers.

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In addition to labeling oligos with FAM, TET, HEX, TAMRA, JOE, ROX, DABCYL, Dabsyl, etc., we have also developed a selection of fluorophores and quenchers with absorption and emission values that span the entire visible spectrum.  

LGC, Biosearch Technologies is the proud inventor of the Black Hole Quencher (BHQ) dye!  Click here to download our BHQ and Dye Selection Chart.