About LGC, Biosearch Technologies

Find a quick capability overview of LGC, Biosearch Technologies and learn more about our products and the markets we serve.

What we do

Biosearch Technologies™ provides products and services for genomic analysis that support mission critical applications for global customers in agrigenomics and human healthcare. The portfolio offers integrated tools and technologies to accelerate sample preparation, amplification, cloning and expression, next generation sequencing (NGS), custom oligonucleotide synthesis, nucleic acid chemistry reagents, and oligo therapeutics.

Whether you need DNA extraction and nucleic acid purification (QuickExtract®, sbeadex®), critical components such as oligos, enzymes, master mixes, and library prep reagents (NxGen® T4 DNA ligase, BHQplus® probes, BHQ® Probe Master Mix, NxSeq® DNA library kits), proprietary sample prep and PCR instrumentation (oKtopure™, SNPline™, Nexar®, and IntelliQube®), or NGS services, we partner with our customers from research and discovery all the way through to production-scale commercialiszation. Custom, bulk and OEM formats also available.

Our track record developing novel DNA/RNA synthesis reagents matches our reputation for service and technical support. The unified range includes Prime Synthesis solid supports for oligonucleotide synthesis, LINK™ and Berry & Associates specialty reagents, with columns and MerMade™ instrumentation from Bioautomation.

Our core promise

We collaborate with our customers to answer their specific challenge.

We apply the power of genomic tools and technologies to their fullest extent to meet our customers’ mission.

We enable our customers to achieve more than they thought possible.

Integrated tools. Accelerated science.

Biosearch Technologies is a leader in the agricultural genomics market adopted by researchers around the world, with over 2000 scientific papers citing KASP® assays. Key applications include targeted genotyping-by-sequencing through SeqSNP lab service, and validation and screening of newly discovered SNPs in Marker-Assisted Selection and Marker-Assisted Breeding programmes for both plants and livestock.

Globally, our cGMP manufacturing and ISO 13485-compliant facilities support supply chain continuity, complementing our customers’ product development pipelines through our robust research grade and cGMP oligonucleotide manufacturing that achieves consistent scale up through commercialization. For molecular diagnostics, Biosearch Technologies has proven expertise in isothermal, qPCR-based applications where our tools and technologies such as BHQ probes and proprietary PCR platforms are frequently used in LDTs, ASRs and in vitro diagnostics. Through our recently acquired Lucigen portfolio, we also offer custom and bulk enzymes and buffers as critical components for molecular diagnostics.

Sales offices are located in China, Germany, Singapore, UK, and US. Sales representatives are available throughout Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, with distributors in other key territories. Visit our Locations page for more information.

For more information about LGC, please visit www.lgcgroup.com