Sample shipment guidelines for nucleic acid purification (NAP) services

Prior to shipping your samples please complete the sample submission form, which provides detailed instructions and ensures regulatory compliance where required.


Shipping conditions

Please ensure all samples are clearly labelled, individually identified and securely packed. The labels should withstand frozen temperatures without detaching from sample tubes. Ideally, we prefer to work with sample tubes that have 1D or 2D barcode labels, which can be scanned into our laboratory information management system (LIMS). All human samples must be anonymised.

Sample type Recommended shipping conditions
Cultured cells, tissue/tissue lysate Dry ice
Blood (buffy coat/plasma/serum etc) Dry ice or wet ice
Buccal swabs, FTA paper Dried, at room temperature
Dried/ground plant material Room temperature
Fresh plant material Dry ice or wet ice
Saliva with stabilisation reagent Room temperature
Saliva without stabilisation reagent  Dry ice


Information to be provided by the customer

  • Completed sample submission form.
  • List of samples sent (your project manager will provide you with our LIMS-compatible sample form).
  • Any material known to be infectious must be clearly labelled regardless of the origin or pathogen.

Steps to ensure safe sample shipment

  • Customer notifies LGC, Biosearch Technologies when the package is en route, along with the name of courier, date of shipment and waybill number.
  • Biosearch Technologies notifies the customer when the package arrives.
  • Upon arrival, Biosearch Technologies checks the contents against the provided sample manifest to ensure that each sample has arrived intact.
  • Please ensure you retain any shipping receipts to facilitate the tracking process.

For shipment of biological material to our laboratory sites in the UK and Germany, region specific conditions apply. LGC Biosearch Technologies’ customer support can advise what conditions apply for your shipment, and support you in complying with these conditions. To prevent delays and potential loss of your samples, please contact Biosearch Technologies’ customer support before you ship your samples.

Extraction services laboratories



United Kingdom

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For shipment of plant, aquaculture and non-BSLII bacterial material to our site in Middleton, Wisconsin (DNA extraction for NGS services), please use the address below:

LGC Biosearch Technologies
2905 Parmenter St.
Middleton, WI 53562
Tel: +1 608 831 9011