Whether you’re studying microbes from the environment, from clinical or veterinary clinical isolates, as a research organism, or as a biomanufacturing tool, LGC Biosearch Technologies can work with you to ensure successful completion of your mission critical microbial genome research projects.

Our flexible service offerings guarantee a cost-effective, project focused, and consultative customer experience that includes reliable data mining, fast turnaround times, extensive expertise and reliable support.

Available services

  • Strain identification
  • Microbial community analysis
  • Strain characterisation

The right kind of collaboration brings you long-term success.

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Key Benefits

  • Fast: Quick turnaround times ensure timely project completion
  • High-quality: Proprietary, optimised protocols deliver reliable data
  • Sensitive: Our protocols succeed with even low-quantity samples
  • Collaborative: Our scientists work together with you to design studies that meet your project objectives

Strain identification

*Sanger sequencing is only available for UK and EU customers.

Microbial community analysis

  • Amplicon-based metagenomics using next generation sequencing (NGS) - 16S, 18S, ITS or other conserved genes
  • Broad range of starting materials, e.g. air filters, soil, water samples
  • Extensive scientific support through the whole process including bioinformatics
  • Bespoke primer design and PCR conditions
  • Optimised MiSeq library preparation delivers low amplification bias/artefacts

Our bioinformatic services include:

  • Reference-assisted operational taxonomic unit (OTU) clustering
  • Taxonomic classification of OTUs
  • Diversity analysis with extensive data visualisation which includes multivariate

Strain characterisation

  • MiSeq/NextSeq whole genome shotgun sequencing of your microbial isolate
  • Variable coverage range according to your individual needs
  • Alignment and variant calling versus reference
  • De novo assembly and annotation**

**UK and EU customers only

LGC Biosearch Technologies uses state-of-the-art instruments, techniques, and bioinformatics tools to ensure you receive the benefits that the most advanced technologies deliver. We can provide any of our microbial genome research services individually or as a complete custom solution to achieve your project goals.