Sequencing services

We offer a broad range of services for sequencing including SSR conversion, sanger sequencing, GBS, and NGS.

Sanger sequencing services

Order your single sample sequencing or MTP sequencing services & primer walking project. Primer design and synthesis, different sample types & primer storage.

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DNA sequencing services

20 years experience in large & small scale DNA sequencing projects, providing traditional Sanger sequencing & NextGen Sequencing services incl. bioinformatics support.

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Other NGS services

Next generation sequencing & analysis with bioinformatic services. High quality for custiomsed application on illumina MiSeq & HiSeq2000

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Bioinformatic services

Rely on high quality from our bioinformatics team in De novo assembly (genome, trancriptome, metagenome, metatranscriptome), Expression profiling of mRNA & ncRNA etc.

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