Oligos in plates

LGC Biosearch Technologies offers oligos delivered in plates for those performing high-throughput applications that require large numbers of oligos.

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LGC Biosearch Technologies offers uncompromising quality and outstanding value by synthesising custom DNA delivered in plates.

Our standard service includes:

  • 5 nmol delivered of salt-free oligos at $0.15 per base
  • Delivery in 96-well 2 mL plates
  • Minimum 24 oligos
  • Up to 80 bases in length (inquire about >80-mers)
  • Oligos are shipped dry

For an additional fee, the following options are available and a quotation will be provided upon request:

  • Greater than 5 nmol of delivered oligos
  • Oligo length >80-mers
  • 3' and 5' modifications such as phosphate, biotin, amino, FAM, TET, HEX, TAMRA, CAL Fluor™, Quasar™, and BHQ™ dyes 
  • RPC purification
  • Delivery in solution or buffer
  • Volume and concentration normalization
  • HPLC analysis of % purity

Ordering oligos in plates

Online ordering of oligos in plates is currently unavailable. To purchase oligos in plates, please enter your order information using our oligos in plates excel order form and submit the completed file to info@biosearchtech.com.

Download oligos in plates excel order form
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Feel free to contact info@biosearchtech.com for any additional inquiries.