Our quality management system is dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer requirements every day, through every engagement.

The customer is at the center of any organization’s quality management system and its reason for operating.  At LGC, Biosearch Technologies, we understand that our commitment to quality means that we are dedicated to meeting your requirements every day, with each conversation, order, or product shipment. We also understand that only you can decide if we are living up to our commitment.

Biosearch Technologies’ facilities uses quality management systems to create a framework that oversees development and manufacturing processes, ensuring every product or service is produced to the highest applicable standards for life science research and its applications in biotechnology.

We carry certifications, registrations, and/or licenses for the following sites

Site Products and services QMS
Petaluma Oligos, probes, and primers ISO 9001
Hoddesdon Amplification reagents, lab services ISO 9001
Alexandria Instrumentation ISO 9001 

ISO 13485
Middleton NGS, amplification, enzymes, competent cells, cloning and expression products ISO 13485
Novato Oligos, probes, and primers ISO 13485
Berlin Extraction, lab services ISO 9001
Dexter Nucleic acid chemistry ISO 9001
Bellshill Nucleic acid chemistry ISO 9001
Lystrup Oligos, probes, and primers

ISO 13485

ISO 9001

Steinach Nucleic acid chemistry ISO 9001
Gainesville Next Generation Sequencing (agrigenomics)