Accelerating drug discovery with better oligos

DNA encoded libraries (DEL) are a rapidly growing drug discovery platform.1 Synthesising a DNA encoded library requires the assembly of unique molecules linked to unique identifying DNA sequences that serve as barcodes. Subsequently, hits (candidate compounds) are identified by sequencing the DNA barcode. The use of high quality oligos is essential to the success of DEL synthesis.

DNA Encoded Libraries

Better results

Confidence that DEL synthesis will work the first time
  • Over 35 years of experience in nucleic acid synthesis
  • 100% QC – each oligo is QC’d by LC/MS to verify quality and identity
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility


Consistent performance in library synthesis
  • Large scale synthesis capacity allows for single batch manufacturing, removing the need to pool multiple batches
  • Proprietary in-house engineered synthesizers
  • Automated liquid handling
  • Complete control of raw material supply chain and quality


Get the oligos you want in the format you want
  • Multiple standard and custom synthesis scales
  • Multiple delivery formats – custom modifications
  • Custom conjugation chemistries

High quality oligos for high quality libraries

We believe quality matters. By understanding your needs and working collaboratively, our aim is to advance DEL technology together.

We offer standard and custom DEL oligo components and are a trusted partner with many organizations that are synthesizing DEL by split and pool, encoded self-assembly, DNA templated chemistry, and other synthesis techniques.


Labeled 5' phosphate
Synthesis Scales 1 μmol to 1 mmol (larger scales available as custom)
Purification AX SEC
Delivery Method Lyophilized
QC LC/MS to verify quality and identity
Order Standard and custom headpiece order form

Custom Components

You can specify exactly what you need:



Labeled 5' phosphate
Synthesis Scales 50 to 1000 µmol (larger scales available as custom)
Purification Desalted
Delivery Method Lyophilized or normalized
QC LC/MS to verify quality and identity
Order Please use the custom oligo order form and specify delivered amount under "Synthesis Scale" e.g. 1000 μmol del.


Labeled 5' phosphate
Scales 250-1000 nmol delivered (larger scales available as custom)
Purification Desalted
Delivery Method Duplex, normalized to 1 mM in water
QC LC/MS to verify quality and identity

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