The flat top Pro1536 plate is the second generation we have developed and is now in use routinely in our lab services division. It was developed to enable ultra high throughput, low volume (sub µL) PCR in conjunction with use in laser based sealing on our Fusion instrument.

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The design of the plate has a traditional skirt structure making transition to its use seamless. The skirt and height of the plate are identical to the more standard 384-well PCR plate. It is constructed from virgin Polypropylene, ensuring good thermal transfer. The wells are v shaped to ensure good thermal conduction with the water bath. They have a 7 µL maximum well volume, with good PCR easily attainable at 0.5 µL volumes.

Key features

  • Flat top design for Fusion sealing
  • Hydrocycler2 (water bath PCR) compatible
  • Full height skirt for automation friendly handling
  • Increased level of carbon black decreasing the background in Fluorescent assays
  • Available in black
  • Supplied PreBarcoded
Catalogue number Description Quantity Sealer
KBS-0751-001 1536-well plate black pre-barcoded Box of 20 Fusion