The flat top Pro384 plate is the first plate we developed and continues to be used routinely in our laboratories. It was developed to enable increased ease of use in laser based sealing on our Fusion instrument. An unintentional but nonetheless added benefit from the removal of the raised rim design (on all other conventional 384 PCR plates) is the increased adherence when utilising an adhesive (sticky) based plate seal. This results in decreased evaporation and higher quality more consistent PCR across the plate.

The Pro384 range of PCR plates adhere to the SBS industry standard footprint.

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Key features

  • Improved adhesion for sticky plate seals
  • Fits most Peltier Block based thermal cyclers
  • Reduced evaporation for PCRs conducted with sticky plate seals
  • Easy removal of seals for Post-PCR plate processing
  • Fully Fusion laser sealing compatible
  • Increased level of carbon black decreasing the background in Fluorescent assays
  • Available in black
  • Supplied PreBarcoded
Catalogue number Description Quantity Sealer
KBS-0750-001 384-well plate black pre-barcoded Box of 20 Fusion/Kube