The Genespin instrument has been discontinued please see the oKtopure automated DNA extraction system instead for your extraction needs.

Semi-automated high-throughput DNA extraction instrument

Speed is of the essence when it comes to DNA analysis of plant breeding populations. This creates a demand for high-throughput DNA extractions from plant tissues, with resultant purified DNA of a suitable quality for PCR-based applications.

The Genespin™ platform completes the nucleic acid extraction range and was engineered to fulfil the growing demands for the highest throughputs. It enables semi-automated but high- throughput DNA extractions from plant tissues, and utilises our proprietary Kleargene™ extraction chemistry.

The Kleargene spin plates utilise a glass fibre solid support inserted into a microtitre plate, in 96- and 384-well formats. To guarantee a throughput of more than 5,000 extractions per day, the Genespin has been optimised to load the buffers into the spin columns without any cross-contamination. Kleargene kits are suitable for extractions between 100 ng and 5 µg DNA from plant material.

In conjunction with our SNPline™, the Genespin platform provides DNA of a quality that is sufficient for downstream applications including PCR, SNP genotyping including KASP, and array technologies.

Key features of the Genespin

  • Enables high-throughput DNA extraction: 8 x 96 or 8 x 384 plates/hour
    • 96 format: up to 5,500 samples per day
    • 384 format: up to 20,000 samples per day
  • Minimise consumable costs: in-built tip wash station ensures that only one set of tips is required per run
  • Replicator function: the Genespin instrument can be used to prepare DNA dilution plates (96- and 384-well) and to stamp DNA into PCR plates
  • Efficient use of laboratory space
    • Small format: 170 cm x 68.5 cm x 65 cm
  • Compatible with existing SNPline installations.
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Key features Specification
Elution volume 100 µL (96-well plate format)
37.5 µL (384-well plate format)
Format / robotic platform Genespin
Sample type Plant tissue (leaves and seeds)
Chemistry Kleargene
Process Lyse - Bind - Wash - Dry - Elute 
Grade of automation Semi-automated
Nucleic acid purification type DNA
Average yield 0.01 - 5 µg
Size (Footprint) 170 cm x 65 cm x 68.5cm
Required equipment Centrifuge with plate adaptors for spinning plates between wash steps