Traditional multiplex PCR is inflexible, requiring a “fixed panel” approach to assay development, and limiting its applicability to lab workflows interrogating many samples over a set panel of targets. This unforgiving format can be challenging if you need to analyze several targets in a plant or animal breeding program where targets change from project to project and generation to generation.

BHQplex™ CoPrimers™ is a multiplexing PCR technology that enables assay interchangeability from a set of functional designed assays without introducing cross-reactivity.

  • More data per reaction. BHQplex CoPrimers generates twice as much data per well, in duplex SNP format, compared to singleplex PCR - while maintaining workflow flexibility.
  • Generate cost savings per reaction. Multiplex PCR has shown to reduce cost per SNP by 30-40% compared to singleplex PCR.
  • Suitable for most PCR platforms. BHQplex CoPrimers use standard fluorescent dye labels from Biosearch Technologies’ extensive dye list, and can be read on most fluorescent detection instruments.


  • MAS and MAB SNP genotyping
  • Adventitious presence (AP) testing
  • Copy number variation
  • Gene expression
  • GMO testing and Zygosity