KlearTaq™ Hot Start DNA polymerase is a highly specific, robust and efficient enzyme that is suitable for the majority of PCR applications. It can be used as a direct replacement for all leading commercial Hot Start Taq polymerases, and is supplied with a highly optimised reaction buffer.

We use KlearTaq on a daily basis within our service laboratories, where we run millions of PCR reactions every day, for which superior performance is essential. We require Taq of the highest quality to meet the demands for high performance and high-throughput.    

KlearTaq is supplied in a range of reaction sizes and is supplied with an optimised reaction buffer (10x), 50 mM Mg2+ for further optimisation, and DMSO for reactions that use GC-rich template. Customised buffers are also available on request.

Ordering information

Catalogue number Product name Description
KBS-1000-001  KlearTaq 500*  100 µL, supplied at 5 units / µL
KBS-1000-002  KlearTaq 1,000*  200 µL, supplied at 5 units / µL
KBS-1000-003  KlearTaq 5,000*  1000 µL, supplied at 5 units / µL
KBS-1000-004  KlearTaq 50,000*  10 mL, supplied at 5 units / µL

Please note: *KlearTaq is not available in the US.