Soellex™ - waterbath thermocycling

The Soellex is an ultra high-throughput, endpoint polymerase chain reaction (PCR) thermal cycler leveraging a 3-chamber water bath. The heating system in the Soellex tightly controls the temperature throughout the water bath delivering efficient and rapid energy transfer into your samples. The Soellex is capable of processing up to three spools of Array Tape, each with 200 arrays in 384-well format: up to 230,400 PCR reactions in a single run!

Decrease thermal cycling times

Array Tape™ enables miniaturisation of the reaction, because it has thin walls and low thermal mass (as much as 7 times less than a microplate) enabling rapid temperature changes contributing to shorter cycle times and improved results. Laboratory scientists who have experienced nonspecific binding issues recognize sharp temperature changes in Array Tape as a key advantage.

Versatile microplate system design

The Soellex system design is versatile and supports PCR processing in traditional microtiter plates as well as in Array Tape. The Soellex can process up to 152 microplates (384-well, 11 mm tall) in a single run.

High throughput energy savings

High-throughput processing of up to 230,400 samples in Array Tape requires one Soellex water bath, replacing the 18 water baths (32 plate capacity) or 150 block heaters required for microplates. These energy and space saving benefits put high throughput laboratories well on their way to achieving significantly greener, more environmentally sound operations.

Intuitive thermal cycler user interface

The touch screen user interface is simple, yet feature rich, providing the control necessary to process sensitive samples. It includes:

  • Intuitive run progress and monitoring feedback screen
  • Thermal cycling protocol programming wizard
  • Customizable alarms and warnings
  • Remote computer monitoring/notification
  • Reports generation and log file reviewer
  • And more!


Length 188cm (75 3/4")
Depth 89cm (35 1/8”)
Height 201cm (82”)
Dry weight 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs)
Wet weight 1,295 kg (2,855 lbs)


Power options

  • 240V, single phase, 100A (preferred)
  • 400V, three phase, 40A
  • Other configurations are available

System fluid options

  • RO Water (preferred)
  • DI Water
  • Filtered Water

System drain

  • Floor drain (preferred)

Cooling options

  • Tap water inlet with drain outlet
  • Re-circulating cooler or chiller*
  • *Chiller unit required for cooling water tanks below ambient.

Exhaust options

  • Air extraction via 10” duct connection*
  • Exhaust directly into room environment
  • *Other duct connection sizes may be requested at time of order.