Human genotyping panel

Easy tracking of your human DNA samples – robust, convenient & cost-effective SNP assays developed in conjunction with the University of Southampton.

Easy tracking of your human DNA samples throughout your NGS workflow

The University of Southampton, in collaboration with LGC Biosearch Technologies has developed a panel of 24 carefully selected and scientifically validated (PDF download) KASP genotyping assays to track samples throughout a project workflow. The original samples are genotyped using the KASP panel, resulting in a genotype profile that acts as an internal barcode for each sample. At the end of the project workflow, samples can be referenced to their original profile to verify sample integrity. The SNPs comprising the panel are also present in all major whole exome enrichment methods for NGS, providing convenient end-point readout. This panel is a powerful tool for protecting sample provenance and ensuring integrity of data.

Key benefits

Prevent sample switches with this robust and reliable sample tracking profile:

  • Robust and reliable sample tracking & identification with the internal barcode concept
    • Scientifically proven and wet-lab validated
  • Convenient readout throughout the workflow by genotyping or by any major whole exome sequencing method
    • Easy set up in any (collaborating) lab with a qPCR instrument
    • Also available as a service in any of our global genotyping facilities
  • Fast: pre-validated and off the shelf
    • Delivery time <1 week

A factsheet, including details of the 24 SNPs within the panel, can be downloaded here.

If you would like to test KASP genotyping in your laboratory please request a free-of-charge KASP trial kit here.


Using the human exome panel in a genotyping service project

The human exome sample tracking panel can be run as a genotyping service project in our laboratories. Please click here  for detailed information about how to proceed with a genotyping service project.

Running the human exome panel in your own laboratory

To run the human exome sample tracking panel in your own laboratory, you can order the panel of 24 assays and KASP Master Mix to perform the KASP genotyping reactions on all of your samples.  

Please note: Biosearch Technologies manufactures KASP Master Mix with varying levels of ROX as the qPCR instruments available on the market have differing requirements for ROX.  Please refer to the instrument guide to determine the correct version of KASP Master Mix for your laboratory.

Product code Product name Description
KBS-2600-210 KASP exome sample tracking panel Panel of 24 validated human KASP assays for tracking and identification of exome samples (2500 reactions per assay based on 10 µL reaction volume).

 Please note: The required Master mix is sold separately.

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