Maize genotyping panel

Pick and choose from 1,200 functionally validated maize KASP SNP genotyping assays. Cost-effective, easy to run, no minimum order.

A set of over 1200 KASP™ SNP genotyping assays for maize has been developed for CIMMYT’s Global Maize Program and the Generation Challenge Programme. The assays have been applied to over 500 projects with CIMMYT and CGIAR globally. Through LGC Biosearch Technologies’, these assays are now available to the maize breeding community to accelerate development of improved varieties by marker-assisted selection (MAS).

The maize genotyping library utilises our accurate and robust PCR-based KASP genotyping chemistry.

Unlike chip-based systems with fixed marker sets, our maize genotyping library allows flexible selection of informative markers, and easy adaptation to changing germplasm collections in individual breeding programmes. Furthermore, KASP genotyping assays are highly cost-effective, thus providing an economical option to use the same SNP assays throughout the course of a breeding programme.

Biosearch Technologies’ complete genomics solution also encompasses plant sample collection kits, DNA extraction and genotyping services, enabling breeders even in remote locations to apply MAS.

Development of the maize genotyping library

The Zea mays SNP markers were developed from the mapping data against the B73 reference genome (Jones et al., 2009) and a SNP mining study from EST sequences (Batley et al., 2003). The SNPs were mapped against 284 maize recombinant inbred line populations – IBM (B736Mo17) and LHRF (F26F252), 24 proprietary Pioneer varieties and 60 Elite varieties, including North American and European lines, and 3 tropical lines.


  • Library includes over 1200 functionally validated SNP markers
  • Cost-effective and robust KASP genotyping technology
  • Flexible - pick and choose the assays that are relevant to your project based on genome and chromosome location
  • Convenient – use informative markers directly on breeding populations or novel cultivars
  • No minimum order – order any number of assays from the library
  • KASP assays are easy to run in your own laboratory or can be used in a genotyping service project


The Maize KASP Assays can be provided as part of our genotyping service or as reagents to run KASP genotyping in your own laboratory.

The assays are available in 2 pack sizes:
Cat. No Product Pack size
KBS-2500-005 Maize KASP Assay Mix 2500 x 10 μL reactions


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