Rat genotyping panel

Rat genotyping assay library - pick and choose from over 800 functionally validated KASP SNP assays. Cost-effective, easy to run, no minimum order.

The rat (Rattus norvegicus) was the first mammalian species domesticated for scientific research, and is now an important model species for biomedical research. This species is widely used in neurological and pharmacological studies, as well as the study of human disease. Rats are particularly useful model organisms when studying complex, multi-factorial diseases due to the availability of inbred lines. The availability of genome information for the rat has facilitated the discovery of genetic markers; these are essential to enable genomic regions to be linked to specific traits.   

The rat library, developed in collaboration with the Hubrecht institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands offers a set of 820 pre-validated assays for rat genotyping. These single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers were selected to be polymorphic between the BN and Wistar or SS strains, and evenly spread across the rat chromosomes. The KASP assays were validated across DNA from the majority of popular laboratory rat strains. For full details of panel development, please view the scientific publication. The library provides a powerful tool for the mapping of traits within rat disease models and breeding populations.


  • Panel includes over 800 functionally validated SNP assays
  • Pick and choose the assays that are relevant to your research
  • No minimum order – order from 1 to 800+ assays from the library
  • KASP assays are easy to run in your own laboratory or can be used in a genotyping service project
  • No labelling of target-specific primers is required
  • Only minimal DNA material required.


The rat library assays can be provided as part of our genotyping service or as reagents to run KASP genotyping in your own laboratory. To place an order for pre-validated rat library assays, download the Excel file containing the list of available rat assays. Identify the assays that you require and paste the KASP assay IDs (from column A in the Excel file e.g. 10_0016753113, 12_0003680125) into the SNP submission template. Rat library assays for running in your own laboratory will be charged as custom SNP assays without validation as they have been pre-validated for inclusion in the library.



Additional resources

Methodology article: A genome-wide SNP panel for mapping and association studies in the rat