Zebrafish genotyping panel

Zebrafish genotyping assay library - pick and choose from 1,073 functionally validated KASP SNP assays. Cost-effective, easy to run, no minimum order.

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a widely used model organism for understanding developmental pathways in vertebrates and is recognised as an important tool for many areas of biological research, including cardiovascular disease, oncology, and developmental biology. Several characteristics have lead to the development of zebrafish as a model organism; embryonic development is rapid, developmental behaviours are readily observable, and characterised mutant strains are available.

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Zebrafish Mutation Project, is an open resource that seeks to identify and phenotype a large number of zebrafish mutants. As part of this project, and in conjunction with the Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands, the zebrafish library was developed. This library offers a set of 1,073 functionally validated KASP genotyping assays for the zebrafish model organism, and an Excel file containing the list of the pre-validated zebrafish SNPs assays can be downloaded here. Each assay in the library has been designed and validated using KASP genotyping chemistry, and the pre-validated assays facilitate cost benefits in terms of guaranteed performance and fast delivery.


  • Library includes over 1,000 functionally validated SNP assays
  • Pick and choose the assays that are relevant to your research
  • No minimum order – order from 1 to 1000+ assays from the library
  • KASP assays are easy to run in your own laboratory or can be used in a genotyping service project
  • No labelling of target-specific primers is required
  • Only minimal DNA material required.


The zebrafish library assays can be provided as part of our genotyping service or as reagents to run KASP genotyping in your own laboratory. To place an order for pre-validated zebrafish library assays, download the Excel file containing the list of available zebrafish assays. Identify the assays that you require and paste the KASP assay IDs (from column A in the Excel file e.g. ss49807668, ss49809197) into the SNP submission template.